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Standard Portable Toilets

Our Standard Portable Toilet is the preferred choice for those who want a simple design, durability, and low maintenance. These features make this portable toilet the perfect choice for smaller, local construction jobs along with larger commercial projects.

60-gallon waste tank
Toilet seat and cover
Dual-roll toilet paper holder with included rod and padlock
Coat hook

Our hand sanitizer unit can be added. This optional feature is very popular because our standard portable toilets are often used at construction sites that might not have room for a sink, but proper sanitation is still desirable.

Flush Units

Our Flush Units are a great and affordable option, offering more than the Standard Portable Unit. These are perfect for events at places like parks, baseball fields, and other outdoor municipality locations that lack bathroom facilities.

Hands-Free Flush Pump
Standard Portable Unit size
Option to add or remove a urinal
Cannot see the waste
40-gallon waste tank

VIP Portable Toilets

The VIP Portable is for upscale outdoor events where organizers want to provide their guests with a more comfortable and convenient restroom experience.

40-gallon waste tank
A flushing tank with multiple flush options, including fresh water, recirculating or combo flush
A 22-gallon hand washing station
Motion-activated light
Oversize mirror
Multiple hooks for coats and purses
Antibacterial seat cleaner

Deluxe Portable Toilets

If you are planning on entertaining guests for a special event, whether you have 20 guests or 100,000 - this portable unit will suit perfect for your needs.
Guests will quickly notice how closely it matches their own bathroom with the following features:

40-gallon waste tank
Foot or hand-operated flush pumps
Hand washing station
Pro-mount Board (soap dispenser, mirror & paper towel dispenser)
Coat hook
Courtesy Shelf
Motion-activated light
Take-A-Seat spray toilet seat cleaner

ADA Compliant Portable Toilets

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliant Portable Toilets are for events that have specific requirements for facility usage. This unit gives patrons with special needs a more comfortable restroom experience, providing a large space to move around and a hand rail for support. This spacious portable is also great for families with young children that need to be accompanied to the restroom.

40-gallon waste tank
Toilet seat and cover
Dual-roll toilet paper holder with included rod and padlock
Heavy-duty aluminum handrails
Pneumatic door closer, which is balanced by a heavy-duty cable spring for comfortable, consistent, and predictable access

Restroom Trailer

The Century II offers two completely private, climate controlled, and self-contained restrooms.

One restroom designed for men and one for women
It features a 370 gallon waste tank with an average capacity of 1,100 flushes
Perfect for any small to mid-sized event

Hand Sanitizer Stations

A small event might require nothing more complicated than a single porta potty rental, and no gathering is too small for us to provide portable restroom rentals. However, even if you only expect twenty-five people at your family reunion, you might want to consider adding hand sanitizers to your porta potty rental. Ensure your family members can enjoy their afternoon with the extra cleanliness provided by porta potties with hand sanitizers.

Our Hand Sanitizer Stations may prove useful in areas where dirt and grime are everywhere and create a rather dirty environment.

Hand Washing Stations

To make your guests feel better accommodated, we offer sanitizer stations for rent. This extra amenity reassures guests that they will receive proper sanitation when using our units. Workers will benefit as well, whether they’re at a construction site or doing food preparation at an outdoor event. Both guests and employees will appreciate the convenience of this additional feature.

Our Hand Wash Stations are another great feature you can add to ensure proper sanitation. These include double spigot sinks, paper towel dispensers, and soap dispensers.

Fresh Water Delivery Systems

Our Fresh Water Delivery Systems allow the operation of flushing toilets and running water for sinks. Our system contains 275 gallons of water and is refilled weekly to ensure your water supply does not run low. This system is typically used for job site trailers. This product is usually paired with the holding tank. Please view the holding tank product for further details.

Our Hand Wash Stations are another great feature you can add to ensure proper sanitization. These include double spigot sinks, paper towel dispensers, and soap dispensers.

Holding Tanks

Along with our Fresh Water Delivery System, we offer Holding Tanks. Our 250 gallon Holding Tanks collect bulk waste and can slide right under on-site job trailers. We offer weekly service stops to ensure that your holding tank is routinely emptied and functioning properly.